GREENTINS® Horticulture Limited, started life as part of the Greentins® Technology group but soon developed into a stand-alone enterprise due to a growing concern for the environment and our continued desire to find better ways to counter the effects of urbanization without adding to the problem.

To this end, we have and continue to spent considerable resources on research and development in conjunction with a team of leading Hong Kong scientists and institutions to find alternatives to using soil as the only growing medium.

With the development of our new “G-Moss” soil-less growing medium it is now possible to have plants on virtually any plane, and in any space without the need to destroy the natural environment to get the soil needed, or the use of high levels of electricity to power hydroponic systems.

At g-hort.com we are committed to improving the quality of the air we all need by environmentally friendly and sustainable means.

Our Philosophy

Here at GREENTINS® what we make means everything to us so we ensure that all our products, suppliers and contractors are included in our philosophy of being part of the environmental solution and not a continuation of the problem while creating the best in serene- healthy spaces for today’s high density urban environments that will enhance the quality of life today and into the future

Our Beliefs:
Our vision is to create complete indoor-outdoor solutions that can turn any area into a Tranquil, relaxing experience people want to come back to time and time again.

Create affordable, practical, green living spaces that satisfy customer needs.

Allow complete design flexibility and customization for those who desire to be unique.

Be the best one-stop shop that offers end-to-end solutions for all your green space requirements