MEP® Tray

The Elmich MEP® Tray (Modular Extensive Planting) system allows quick realisation of extensive green roofs. It is a lightweight and robust planting tray with water storage compartments made from high-strength UV-stabilised polypropylene.

The system includes a support plate with anti-root overflow outlet covers, capillary wicks, geotextile filter, erosion guard, joining and fastening pegs, rodent barriers, base connector and drainage pipes. The water reservoir in each MEP® Tray supports long term plant sustainability with minimal maintenance. The modular tray design allows sustained plant growth and its light weight facilitates easy creation of desired designs and patterns. Each MEP® Tray including accessories, saturated planting media, plants and stored water weighs less than 30 kg.

The self-contained MEP® Tray may be pre-planted in a nursery prior to installation to achieve instant greening of rooftops. MEP® Tray components are manufactured primarily from recycled plastics, supporting all international Green Building certifications.


  • Retrofit Greenroofs
  • Ideal for light weight structures and small buildings
  • Temporary Greenroofs


  • Established extensive green roof in short lead time
  • Modular, lightweight and portable
  • Pre-planting in nursery environment
  • Fast installation
  • Drainage system independent of trays
  • Easy plug-in assembly to drainage system
  • Tray replacements do not affect drainage system
  • Watertight drainage pipe and connector joints
  • Non-clogging of reservoir and drainage channels
  • Effective rodent barrier
  • Spill-proof placement of planting media
  • Capillary wicks for re-use of stored water
  • Securing of trays to substrate
  • Easily dismantled, stored offsite and re-assembled
  • Made from minimum 50% recycled content