Smart Landscape Solution

Greentins is developing an irrigation system (microalgae) consisting of wireless sensor, app and integration with Greentins’s smart irrigation controller.

The concept is to operate things via IoT embedded sensors. These sensors can monitor the soil humidity and temperature, water level etc. These sensors can successfully sense whether the plants are overwatered or under watered based on which we can take necessary actions. One of the best parts of this automated system is it can keep on watering the plants even in people’s absence.

Another worth mentioning feature of the system is all the data collected by the device send to a cloud-based processing unit, which combines the data to analyse whether the present water level is appropriate for the plants.

Microalgae Green Wall

Based on the environment of Hong Kong, microalgae green wall is highly efficient because of air pollution and dense population. It can improve our air quality in indoor and outdoor area such as offices, classrooms, restaurants, public transportation stations, etc. According to research, the efficiency of 1 cubic meter of microalgae solution is better than 100 square meter of forest.


  • Absorb carbon dioxide.
  • Wide range of usage, good for indoor and outdoor area.
  • Improve our air quality and surrounding.