Until recently, growing plants needed soil (dirty) or large volumes of water (heavy) with added nutrients. This can be complicated and very expensive. With the development of the new soil-less growing medium G-MOSS® from GREENTINS® Technology Limited combined with our green-wall and green-roof systems, there is a better, cleaner, lighter and environmentally friendly way.

Introducing the new soil-less growing medium from GREENTINS®

G-MOSS® is made from recycled wood waste and polyurethane. This produces a light weight sponge like product that provides the right mix of water and air to produce the optimum growing environment for all plant types.


After many years of designing, installing and maintaining green wall and green roof systems, we have become one of the leaders in green space management for Hong Kong and other Asian countries.

One of the major concerns recently, in the rush to provide green spaces, is the weight parameters which have sometimes been overlooked or underestimated resulting in the failure of several structures.

When combined with G-MOSS® our GREEN-WALL, GREEN-ROOF systems are lightweight, adaptable, low maintenance and cost effective.

We are currently at the end stages of testing our new air purification systems that utilize both plants and living algae to help lower the CO2 levels in confined spaces such as car parks, bus terminals and roadside gardens while also providing a natural living beauty for people to enjoy.